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Museum Operating Hours on Tuesday July 16 are 9:32 AM - 5:00 PM

Escape the Moon

Escape the Moon

July 13th and 16th


Escape Wapak Celebrates the 50t​h​ anniversary of the Lunar Landing with an exclusive experience at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum. For two days only, The Armstrong Air and Space Museum will be transformed into humanity’s first Lunar Station.

As chaos ensues, your group will find it imperative to work together, decipher clues and solve puzzles to regain communication with Earth and repair the damaged shuttle to escape the moon in only 60 minutes. Do not fear, no rocket scientists required, only courageous individuals willing to join together, laugh, and have fun.

Like the 50t​h​ Anniversary, ESCAPE THE MOON is a once in a lifetime experience. This will be the most advanced technological game that Escape Wapak has created. Escape Wapak has partnered with The Wapakoneta Robotics Club to create intricate electronic puzzles.

The limited edition escape adventure will be held after 5:00 pm when the Museum closes as it will utilize the majority of the museum as the playing area. This only allows a limited amount of spots available. Tickets can be booked online at ​