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Homeschool Group Experiences

When visiting the Armstrong Air & Space Museum, homeschool groups have many options to choose from when planning their visit including 3-D printing experiences, field trip experiences, and family fun saturdays. On this page we have gathered all those options into one place. 

Family Fun Saturdays

Every fourth Saturday of the month in 2020 starting February 22nd, the Armstrong Air & Space Museum invites families to a four hour experience including a museum tour, a showing of our Astro Theatre film, and an hour and a half in length activity in the brand new Neil Armstrong STEM Inspiration Center!

Each Family Fun Saturday will have a specific theme that will effect the programming! Upcoming themes include:

FEBRUARY: Space Rhythms

Experience the different sounds that can be heard in space. Participants will also learn of the first instruments played in space, design their own version of one, and utilize this with BoomWhackers to develop a team song to present to their fellow peers and parents. 

MARCH: What IS Life?

Learn all about the new and exciting field of astrobiology! As students and parents go over adaptations on extreme environments here on Earth, they will theorize what may or may not be able to live on other planets. Working in groups, patrons will be assigned a real exoplanet discovered by NASA and create their very own organism that is specially adapted to their planet's unique environment.

APRIL: "Art and the Cosmic Connection" (NASA lesson)

Using the elements of art shape, line, color, texture, value-students make sense of images of planets, asteroids, comets, and moons, honing observation skills and inspiring questions. They will create pieces of art while learning to recognize geologic and atmospheric features of solar system objects. (K-7th grade)

MAY: "The Physics of Roller Coasters"

Students will build their own small scale model roller coasters using pine insulation and marbles, and then analyze them using physics principles. (middle school grades)

Time for lunch will be provided for families to enjoy food at one of the many amazing restaurants Wapakoneta has to offer.

Price: $15 per attendant. 

Limited space provided. Adults must accompany children. RSVP required.

If you have any additional questions or would like to RSVP please email or call 419-738-8869

3D Printing Flyer

Field Trip Programs

Come and visit our museum! We offer a guided tour, a short film, as well as a hands-on activities for your students to do in our classroom.


Students: $3.00
Adults: Contact museum for group rates
Interactive Programs: $1.00 per person
Click HERE to see what interactive programs we offer.

If you have any additional questions or would like to book a field trip please email or call 419-738-8864