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Galaxy cluster

Wish List

Internship Fund
Endowment Fund

Classroom Furniture

Tables $9.000
Robotics Workbench Cabinet $9,500
Chairs $4,000
Padded Chairs $4,000
Miscellaneous Equipment and Education Supplies $10,000


Bicycle Rack $500
Handheld Snow Plow Power Washer $300
Scissor Lift Truck to plow snow and transport the Lunar Rover Trailer
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Motorized Wheelchair $2,000


Astrovan Traveling Exhibit $100,000
Collection Care Equipment $1,500
Mercury Space Suit Replica $10,000
Traveling Exhibits $7,500+
Shuttle Landing Simulator $5,000

Armstrong Air and Space Museum wide shot