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UPDATE: We have started our new Fall/Winter hours and will be open Wednesday through Sunday from 10AM - 4PM continuously. State guidelines still require face coverings while in public places, this includes the museum.
Engineer Camp

After School Programs


(Deadline for entry is August 29th)

Sign up for the Fall session of the Armstrong Explorers! To promote the health and safety of the students, parents, and staff, the museum is requiring masks during sessions. Educators will sanitize the room periodically and promote proper hygiene and social distancing throughout the sessions.

Because of new guidelines, the museum is only allowing 9 students per class. To accommodate more students, we are adding another class per age group making the the maximum number of 18 total students. 

Armstrong Explorers Fall 2020


To sign up for the Armstrong Explorers please fill out THIS FORM and deliver it to the museum before the beginning of the first meeting time along with the $50 entrance fee. There is a limited number of spaces. Detailed information regarding payment and delivery can be found on the form.

Return to this page later for information regarding our Spring 2021 season of Armstrong Explorers!