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  • Why is the museum built as it is?

    The museum was designed by former Wapakoneta-resident Alfred Klipfel who intended the museum to resemble a futuristic moon base, as they were envisioned in 1970.

  • Is photography allowed in the museum?

    Visitors are strongly encouraged to take pictures of museum exhibitions for personal use with hand-held cameras. Please do not use a flash as many of the artifacts are sensitive to light. Photographs may not be used for publication without written consent. To use a tripod or standing lights, please obtain a permit from the admissions desk.

  • How can I tell if a Neil Armstrong autograph is real?

    Mr. Armstrong stopped signing autographs in 1993. As a result, his autographs are rare, highly collectible, expensive, and often forged. As many as 90% of Armstrong autographs available for sale may in fact be fake.

    An autograph that is even and perfect is likely a stamp or autopen. A real autograph should have lighter and darker areas as the hand applies uneven pressure.

    Using a magnifying glass, you should be able to see tunnels or bridges where ink lines cross.