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OPEN Presidents Day (02/19/24) from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Engineer camp

Field Trip Programs


The Armstrong Air & Space Museum is one of the top field trip destinations for classrooms across the area! Through inventive experiments, cutting-edge programs, and world-renowned artifacts, students can experience the incredible history of space flight and the amazing impact STEM has on real-world challenges.

15 student minimum to book a guided field trip experience. Groups under this minimum can still visit the museum on a self-guided tour.



The "All-Inclusive Field Trip Experience" is the recommended option for classes who wish to have a more hands-on and interactive experience at the museum. This option includes the guided tour, short 30-minute documentary, "Discovery time" in the Modern Space Gallery, and one or more of the museum's "STEM Experiences." These experiences, designed with Ohio Learning Standards in mind, teach students important concepts used in science, engineering, and mathematics through a variety of fun and interactive activities. To accommodate the wide range of possible groups, experience options are available for all grades and ages.

Student discount rate:     $5.00 admission plus $5.00 per added program activity per student.

*Adult/Chaperone discount rate: 1 free admission per 10 students, $5.00 for all other adults.

A full list of these program activities can be found HERE.



The museum also has a slimmed down "Standard Field Trip Experience,"  which includes just the guided tour of the museum, a short documentary, and "Discovery time" in the Modern Space Gallery. Groups have the option to visit the museum gift shop as well if they so choose. 

Student discount rate:                   $5.00 

*Adult/Chaperone discount rate:  1 free admission per 10 students, $5.00 for all other adults.





Phone:  (419)-738-8871

*The museum requires a 10:1 student/chaperone ratio for all field trips. One or two chaperones per classroom are recommended. Children do not need to be assigned in small groups to an adult; the group stays together in the same area of the museum unless the teacher has specific activities planned for students after the tour. Please notify the museum immediately if you must cancel. Groups must be booked two weeks in advance.

Posing in front of the museum during the 2018 Astronaut Camp