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UPDATE: The museum will be open Tuesday through Sunday with two-hour sessions beginning at 9:30, 12:30, & 3:30. State guidelines now require face coverings while in public places, this including the museum.
Offsite programs

Outreach programs

Bring the museum to you!

We offer programs for schools, libraries, scout groups, organizations and families. Our hands-on education programs teach children about different space-related scientific phenomenon, delivered by our experienced educators and designed for children to explore and learn together.

Click HERE for all outreach programs.

$100 + Mileage* - First program

$50 + Mileage* - Each program booked after first at same location

*Mileage cost is to and from your location if the location is over 15 miles from the museum. Rates subject to change*

Email or call (419) 738-8869 to book your program today!

Kids dressed as astronauts during a simulation